It has been two years after the Battle of Yavin 4 and the destruction of the Death Star, and the Galactic Civil War has engulfed the galaxy. The Empire and Rebellion wage war through many systems, only the far reaches of the Outer Rim see little to no conflict. On the front lines, soldiers die in droves on both sides, with innocent blood being spilt in the heat of the conflict.

As the Rebellion gains a system through hard won military strategy, it seems the Empire takes one or two away from them. This does not hamper their resolve, and the hardened rebels continue to fight and gain ground where they can. However, both sides need ships, supplies, and soldiers to keep the fight on their terms, and such commodities are becoming harder and harder to find.

The chaos has given criminal outfits throughout the galaxy a chance to reap the benefits of war. The likes of Black Sun, the Hutt cartels, and many more profit from doing business for both sides, taking advantage of the confusion and growing stronger than ever before. With no regulation or punishment, these organizations are making daily life for citizens even harder in this time of war.

Those who know where to look, however, can greatly profit from this conflict. Whether by working with criminals, rebels, or the Empire, all sides need jobs done, and those willing to do them can get richer than ever before. However, many do not live long enough to use the newly acquired wealth. Opportunities abound, not without risk, but when has an easy job ever paid that well?

Rumors spread like wildfire as so much traffic through the galaxy spreads. Some say the Rebellion is looking for mythical Jedi to fight in their ranks, if any even exist. Others murmur that the criminal organizations are looking to gain more power than ever before, and a hostile takeover is imminent. Even more say the Empire is amassing their forces for a new offensive, something big and deadly with no idea of when or why. One thing is known for sure though: to make it in this galaxy, you need to find a crew, get paid, and stay alive.

Honor and Guile

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